Princess Elisabeth de Croÿ – thank you…..and farewell

Lifetime animal protectionist Princess Elisabeth De Croÿ passes away, leaving behind a great contribution to animal welfare.

It is with great sadness that I must inform you of the death of our President, Princess Elisabeth de Croÿ, who passed away on 18th May 2009. With her passing, I have not only lost a personal and inspirational friend, but the animal welfare movement has also lost a great activist and leader. She gave shelter to many animals at Défense et Protection des Animaux, her organisation and home in France. She was also very passionate about the suffering of countless animals across the world. She was a true ambassador for animals. Because of her, government officials were willing to talk to animal groups, and the media reported stories on animals in countries where animal welfare was not widely accepted.

Animals and animal groups in Asia could always count on her help – when we asked her for assistance in Taiwan on stray animal issues, including support to lobby for the first companion animal regulations in 1995, her help was immediate and effective. In the last twenty years, the Princess was an advocate for animals in Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan and China. In 2006, she supported ACTAsia’s first workshop in China. Her initial help and encouragement were invaluable in building our organisation.


Princess Elisabeth was admitted to hospital in April and returned to her home in early May. Even on her sickbed she was still determined to learn more about animal welfare issues and how she could help. While in hospital, she said: “It is such a nuisance to die when there is so much more I need to do to help people and animals.” Just a few days before she passed away, we spoke about our latest project in China, and planned to talk more about the work she loved when she recovered. Sadly, this time she could not fight her illness. The day before she passed away, I was at her bed side and said a sad farewell. I thanked her on behalf of myself and all the animals who have benefited from her presence in this world.

Pei-Feng Su, Executive Director ACTAsia for Animals

If you would like to learn more about Princess Elisabeth de Croÿ and her work for animals, her autobiography will soon be published.