Protests within China against bear farming

In February 2011, Guei Zhen Tang, a pharmaceutical company located in Quan Zhou City, Fu Jian Province, announced its intention to become a listed company. Guei Zhen Tang, uses bear bile to produce bear bile tea and various tonic products. It owns a bear bile farm, housing more than 400 bears and breeds around 100 bear cubs annually. Again the announcement caused protests from concerned Chinese nationals, individuals and animal protection NGOs, attracting Chinese celebrities to join in and support the cause. ACTAsia signed a joint statement against the plans.

In addition this was the first time that the bear bile issue gained support from other sectors of the NGO movement e.g. China SOS Help, an NGO concerned with social injustice issues e.g. poverty, health, missing children and environment. On QQ (the most popular free instant messenger computer programme in China with more than six million subscribers), a special featured on bear farming

Currently the protests against Guei Zhen Tang still continue.