New report to promote legislative efforts

China still has no laws to protect animals. As part of our efforts to promote such legislation in the country, we have just published our latest study: Changing China: Country status report within the political and social context. The aim of this report is to help animal protection organisations to understand the legal system and decision-making process in China in order to develop effective lobbying and advocacy strategies for animal welfare legislation.

This report focuses on the wider political and social context, relevant to the legislative process and associated procedures. It includes:

  • The current political and social environment in China
  • Legislative system
  • Existing national/regional legislation and regulations, relevant to animal welfare and enforcement
  • Relevant government structures
  • The process by which legislation is considered
  • Power and decision-makers
  • How decisions are processed
  • International agreements and participation with international bodies that influence animal welfare
  • Factors which influence decisions – including potential allies, opponents and targets; events and meetings; opportunities to move forward

It is intended that national and international animal protection organisations and individuals will be able to use this document as a tool to develop their knowledge and understanding of China, working within the realities and constraints of the political and social environment. If international support can be harnessed to help build the necessary capacity for NGOs in China, their collective voice will be heard and have greater influence on the essential process of introducing legislation to protect animals.

ACTAsia thanks World Animal Net for their support and funding for the production of this report.

Click pic below to download the full report (pdf, 2Mb)