Launch Caring for Life programme

As our education adviser Professor Xiong Xianjun said at the launch: “We should give children back their childhood. Children need to understand why they should care about the suffering of other lives. Compassion and responsibility are important building blocks of a civilised society.”

ACTAsia also presented an award to Zhuang Nai Hui (Kiki) for promoting compassion and empathy toward animals in her school. Kiki is a 7-year-old in Zhuhai who shared our NO Fur badges with her classmates and gave a talk at her school assembly about why people should reject fur. This ultimately led to her school inviting us to conduct humane education classes, and it is even planning to set up a Caring for Life club to encourage students to be respect life and be kind to others. Read more on the inspiring story of how a small girl can make a big difference.

The launch was followed by workshops in Shenzhen and Zhuhai to train university students (particularly those studying to become teachers) to become humane educators for school children aged 5-8 years. We will be taking these educators into Shenzhen and Zhuhai schools this year, and we plan to help other animal groups to expand this programme to other cities.

We are thankful to One Voice for Animals, for co-sponsoring our humane education programme.