Body art protest Hong Kong fur fair

While the Hong Kong Fur Federation is busy creating media buzz for the opening of the 2013 trade show, on the other side of the straits, = in the mainland city Shenzhen, volunteers from animal protection groups including ACT Asia for Animals (ACTAsia), China Loving Care for Animals Network (AAChina ), Shenzhen Cat (SZCAT) and Shenzhen High School Volunteer Association, creatively utilized body art by forming the “NO FUR, YES LOVE” image with human bodies, to deliver a clear and powerful No Fur China message. It’s aimed at the traders in the fur & fashion industry, in the hope that they will take concrete steps in reducing the heavy dependence on fur-farming, developing alternative eco-friendly materials and adopting a more humane practice until the ultimate goal of a fur-free fashion industry is reached.

The creation of the idea “NO FUR, YES LOVE” is based on the current reality of animal protection in China, with hopes that the message of loving and respecting all life forms will be conveyed through a “fur-free life style”. By promoting this idea, we hope to gradually raise awareness among more ordinary citizens, in terms of protection and the respect of animal lives.

In addition, on March 2nd, ACTAsia and SZCAT will host a “NO FUR, YES LOVE” 2013 charity concert. Celebrities and honored guests from the entertainment industry, cultural sector, media, academic and entrepreneurial communities will be invited to “celebrate life via music, revere nature via art”. Zhang Hong Bo at SZCAT expressed that whether using “voice” for a charity concert or using “action” body art for a demonstration, the goal is the same – that is to plead for our countless suffering, voiceless, animal friends. We sincerely hope more and more people join forces with us in the fur-free movement, we believe true beauty will only exist in a conscientious and fur-free society.