Puppy rescued from a cold, concrete roof

While visiting an animal birth control programme in Dalian, China, ACTAsia’s Director and Pet100 came across a puppy that was chained on the roof of a garage, without shelter, food or water. It was tied there for more than a week, but will face a better future now it is rescued and put up for adoption.

ACTAsia’s Director Pei-feng Su is currently in Dalian, a city in North East of China, where a great local group (Pet100) is very active on stray animal issues and public awareness.

Pei-feng reports: “While visiting a Animal Birth Control programme in the city today, we saw a puppy that was chained on top of a garage without any shelter, food or water. We were told the dog was given up by a young couple and given to a family which used to chain him outside of the house. A week ago they even moved the dog to the roof of the garage, because the man of the family did not like him. It is cold here and at night temperatures often drop below 5 degrees. The poor thing was living in this condition for more than a week and only fed occasionally. Together with the local group, we took the dog away and prepare to rehome it. Very sad that people over here don’t understand animals are sentient beings who can feel pain, fear, hunger and thirst. But I’m happy and hopeful because of the wonderful work of Pet100. I’m sure they will find this puppy a sweet home.”