Discover the secret, save dolphins

Every year, over 20,000 smaller whales, dolphins and porpoises are brutally killed in Japanese waters. The horrific slaughter has been captured by hidden cameras in a drama-documentary called ‘The Cove’, coming to cinemas in the UK from 23rd of October. The Cove has already received great reviews at the Sundance and other film festivals this year.





Andy Ottaway, the Director of Campaign Whale & Save Japan Dolphins Coalition, writes to us:

“I am asking your help in our current campaign to end the brutal slaughter of dolphins in Japan. The compelling movie ‘The Cove’ exposes the secret slaughter of dolphins in a Japanese coastal town called Taiji. It also reveals the fact that the dolphin meat is highly contaminated by mercury and other toxic pollutants hazardous to human health. Most Japanese people are unaware these appalling hunts take place and even the people that eat the meat are unaware they are actually poisoning themselves.

The change in Government in Japan gives us a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to end the cruel slaughter of dolphins in Japan once and for all. ‘The Cove’ will help us do that by revealing what is really happening in Japan and the sad fact that governments are doing very little to stop it. Together we can really end this nightmare!”

ACTAsia is gladly responding to this appeal. Please go and see this movie, and spread the word. If more people are aware of the atrocities against dolphins, more pressure can be created to put an end to the slaughter.