Such a nuisance to die


It has been a year since we had to say farewell to our President, Princess Elisabeth de Croÿ. She left us with great memories and a huge contribution to the animal protection movement. And even now – after she has gone – she has given us an inspirational legacy: the story of her remarkable life, as told to her close friend and fellow animal advocate, Joy Leney.

Princess Elisabeth was a well-known figure among the rich and famous of the world. After some life changing experiences, she used her influence to improve the lives of less fortunate people. But her main mission became to speak out loud and clear against the inhumane treatment of animals, everywhere across the globe.

ACTAsia’s founder/director Pei feng Su was privileged to contribute to the book as well, by sharing her experiences about the major support that the Princess gave to ACTAsia and animal protection in Asia.

The 300-page autobiography is characterised by the person it portrays, inspirational and with a great sense of fun. While in hospital, a few days before the Princess passed away, she said: “It is such a nuisance to die when there is so much more I need to do to help people and animals.”

Her autobiography is available from the 29th of June at bookshops, online retailers, or by post. Click here for order form. Or preorder now on and save 30% on the regular retail price of £16.99.

Profit from sales will go to the Princess Elisabeth de Croÿ Education Fund.