Kitten killing calls for ‘caring for life’

The student believed the seven month old cat, called Chiao Chiao, was dirty so he demanded the kitten’s owner wash the bed cover. The two students argued and ended up in a physical fight. In order to express his anger and teach the owner a lesson, the kitten was thrown repeatedly on the floor and died.
One of the fellow students witnessed the horrible incident and reported it to us. We have issued a press statement to reiterate the occurrence of animal abuse at colleges and the importance of our Caring for Life humane education programme in Chinese schools. Incidents of college students who are torturing and killing animals have happened many times in the country in recent years. At Fudan University, a student killed more than thirty stray cats by taking out their eyes while still alive and leaving them to die in agony. In Chengdu, a college student killed a puppy in the microwave, wanting to observe its reaction.

ACTAsia’s CEO Su Pei Feng says: “from news reports throughout the country we can see that individual and industrial animal abuse continues to grow. Worldwide studies confirm that murderers, perpetrators of domestic violence and child abusers, most often have a history of maiming and killing animals in their childhood or adolescence. That’s why we are strongly promoting the inclusion of our ‘Caring for Life’ humane education courses into every school curriculum, to teach students about respect for others, caring for vulnerable populations, environmental protection, and to treat animals humanely, and thus achieve a truly harmonious society.”

Associate Professor Jiang Jinsong of Tsingqua University of Science, Technology and Social Research Institute adds: “to indulge the growth of violence is a great threat to the community as a whole. Any indifference to these incidences will sicken our society with students who actually need timely access to psychological interventions and medical help. “The current kitten killing incident once again shows how urgent humane education is in campus life. We hope and expect more schools to include the Caring for Life course.