Cruelty cases urgently call for animal welfare legislation

Aggravated by the rescue by animal protectionists of 520 dogs in Beijing destined for the slaughterhouse, a man from Guangzhou posted a message on his blog threatening to kill two dogs every day. He will start on July 1st and continue his executions until the animal rescuers apologise in public for saving the dogs.

He is also calling for a hundred like-minded people to join him in his gruesome plan. Meanwhile, he is posting pictures and comments on his blog on different ways to kill dogs.

On a picture of a pegged puppy on a clothesline, he wrote: “I found a way to have fun by hanging a dog in the sun for exposure over a long time – the dog will enjoy it and so do I.”

In another cruelty case this month, it was discovered that an individual has been torturing and killing cats over the last five years. He always adopted former stray cats for this abuse. Every time he molested and killed a cat, the whole process was described vividly and posted on various online popular forums in China, using different ID names.

Excerpt from his online diary on the torture of a cat named Peanut, 27-05-2011:

”I used to hang the cats previously. This is not exciting enough. I just pass on what I found out about cats:

  • A cat is not afraid to be beaten. Use a stick to hit the cat violently can only make it scared, angry, and even wounded. But it is difficult to make it feel pain. Anyway, I wanted her to be in pain, to make it feel pain.
  • To provoke domestic cats, pulling the tail is definitely effective. It is difficult to make Peanut angry, but later in the experiment I found that pulling her tail immediately makes her furious, ha ha! 3. Flesh isn’t sensitive to pain, but bones are. This time I intend to twist her front legs, even break them, I love to listen the loud cries of pain from the cat.”

Unfortunately, these examples are no exceptions. There is an increasing number of cases where individuals torture animals and publicise widely on the internet their abuse and the satisfaction they get from such acts. Research has proven repeatedly that animal abuse and violent behaviour in society are strongly linked.

Although these instances of animal abuse cause outrage among Chinese citizens and animal groups, there’s not much they can do. It shows yet again that the adoption of proper animal welfare legislation in China is an urgent need. Therefore we are asking individuals from all over the world to ask the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress to pass animal protection laws as soon as possible. Please send a polite email to the following addresses: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]. We have also provided a sample letter.

At the same time, we will raise our concerns to the relevant authorities and urge China’s infotainment web portal to stop disseminating this information which encourages the public to torture innocent lives.