Humane Education goes rural

We have collaborated in this project with the “Overseas Students Teaching Programme in rural China” and the student teachers were trained by us on our humane education course.

Our staff and volunteers in China worked tirelessly to prepare for two weeks of teaching. They have been printing and sorting out 40,000 (!) copies of learning materials from our ‘Caring for Life’ teaching pack.

After days of copying and packing by our volunteers, 300 kg of teaching materials (including kids’ scissors and glue sticks) were sent off to Lanzhou City, Gansuo Province.

Start of humane education summer course for children in rural China. The first lesson is on the web of life, about the interrelation between humans, animals and the environment. Weixiao, humane education officer and Jie Chen, voluntary trainee, taught at Pan‘an Elementary School in Gansu Province, bordering Mongolia.