Neutering programme

ACTAsia is working with Changsha Small Animal Protection Society (CSAPS) to increase the awareness, acceptance and rates of neutering companion animals. We have helped them to create a project plan and organise an event for their supporters. Participants were given free neutering vouchers which can be taken to participating vets (who collaborate with CSAPS) to get their animal neutered.

This event was aimed to promote neutering of owned animals and set up a low cost neutering programme in Changsha. Many of the supporters still do not accept the concept of neutering, while others agree in theory but say that they cannot find the time to get them neutered. Pet owners are concerned about veterinary standards in the city, and are not confident about the ability of the vets. There is very little understanding of the effects of neutering. Many people who came to the event want to get involved in promoting neutering in their own communities, and have asked for more information.

Following this event we visited and assessed veterinary clinics, all of which collaborate with CSAPS. The findings show that training in neutering skills and sterile techniques is necessary, and the vets were open to training from external organisations.

Based on our experiences during the event and visits, different audiences will be targeted by creating posters to put in communities, leaflets to put in vet clinics and schools, and arranging public educational events. A {cms_selflink page=’vet-training’ text=’veterinary training workshop’} is being planned in parallel to these activities. ACTAsia will continue to give mentoring during these valuable activities.