Hundreds of dogs saved from slaughter

On the 16th of April 2011, persistent animal activists saved the lives of 520 dogs that were destined for the dinner plate.

An animal lover stopped a truck packed with dogs, without food or water, that was heading from Beijing to a slaughterhouse in the northeast of China.He posted a message via his mobile phone and soon after hundreds of animal protection volunteers arrived at the scene to provide help and assistance. Several dogs had already died –including a newborn puppy and many of the remainder were sick or injured – all were extremely stressed under the conditions.

After 15 hours of negotiation with the police, quarantine inspectors and a payment to the truck driver, the animal activists managed to release the dogs from their cramped situation and save them from their tragic fate.

Many dogs were sick or injured

The rescue was a joint effort by various animal welfare groups, including Love Animal Aid and ACTAsia’s partner groups Capital Animal Welfare Association, Xiaolin Animal Rescue Centre and Cool Pet. Dedicated volunteers from these organisations worked together to provide food, medical first aid and transportation to medical services. Many dogs are now in veterinary clinics or China Small Animal Protection Association’s shelter. After they have recovered, new homes will be sought for the animals.

First medical assistance was provided, and dogs were taken to the shelter.

The action was broadcast widely in the Chinese media. ACTAsia Director Pei F. Su regards the rescue as a significant action: “It shows that the awareness of anti dog eating in China is growing, as well as the animal protection movement. It also highlights again, the urgent need for an animal protection law, to prevent the cruelty involved in the breeding, transportation and slaughter of dogs”.