Take action to stop expansion of bear bile company

Despite protests from many organisations last year (including ACTAsia), it is one of the companies mentioned in the China Securities Regulatory Commission’s (CSRC) 2012 Initial Public Offerings list. Right now it is halfway through the process of becoming listed, and if this goes through, its shares can be publicly traded.

With the increased funding the company plans to expand the number of bears abused on their bear bile farms from 400 to 1,200.

Over 90,000 people in China have signed a protest to stop Gui Zhen Tang from being listed, and one organisation, Don’t Eat Friends, protested outside a Gui Zhen Tang shop in Beijing.

The backlash against this company from Chinese within the country is an extremely positive development, showing that more and more Chinese are willing to take a stand against animal abuse in their country.

Please add your voice to these protesters to stop this company from being listed. Write to the CSRC at [email protected] and (politely) ask them not to proceed with a public listing for Gui Zhen Tang on the grounds of animal abuse, including the way they are bred, kept and tortured every day for their bile. A sample letter can be found here.