Rodeo China hits roadblock

Months of {cms_selflink page=’no-rodeo-china-campaign-continues’ text=’intensive campaigning’} against the first ever Wild West event in China haven’t been in vain: the rodeo planned in Beijing’s National Stadium for early October 2011, has been put on hold!

As soon as the news came out in April that a rodeo would be staged as part of a cultural exchange programme, a coalition of 71 Chinese and international animal welfare organisations, including ACTAsia, launched a campaign against this form of ‘entertainment’ coming to their country because of the {cms_selflink page=’rodeo-china’ text=’animal cruelty involved’}.


Two press conferences were held, petitions posted and an open letter sent to Gary Locke, the new US Ambassador in China. ACTAsia supported the campaign with local demonstrations, informing the national and international audience and posting petitions online. Recently, one of the Chinese co-organisers of the Rodeo China event stated that it has been postponed until next year. So far, no ticketing or scheduling information has been made available.

So it looks like the animals that were facing horrible injuries or even being killed in the Rodeo China event, are safe – for now. The pressure has to be kept on to prevent this from being just a delay in the death sentence for these animals. The ultimate aim is not to postpone, but to cancel the introduction of rodeos in China altogether.

ACTAsia is very pleased to see the Chinese animal advocates working relentlessly, strategically and successfully in this campaign. For five years we have been building the capacity of local animal welfare groups through our annual training workshops, mentoring and executing joint projects, and it is extremely encouraging to see the results of this work.

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