No Rodeo China campaign continues

Animal protection organisations are increasing their efforts to cancel Rodeo China, which is currently supposed to be held from October 3rd-10th at the Olympic Stadium in Beijing.

A coalition of 71 animal groups held a second press conference on July 29th to share their findings on American rodeos. According to their report, the organisers and sponsors of Rodeo China are misleading the Chinese government and people by covering up the cruel nature of rodeos, the mortality and injury rates, and the decline in popularity of rodeos among Americans.

photo: SHARK

Two days earlier, the US Embassy in China posted a message on its official blog praising rodeos and citing inaccurate data. Chinese animal protection organisations counter this with evidence from the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo which took place July 2011 in Wyoming, USA. “This rodeo alone resulted in the death of one horse and severe injuries to five bulls and three calves. We do not need more cowboy games to measure injuries and mortalities. Currently the number of animal casualties in rodeos in China is zero, and we don’t want to break that record.”

The coalition will send an open letter to Gary Locke, the United States Ambassador to China, to call on the US to stop exporting animal cruelty to China and to cancel the event. Please add your voice to this call and send an e-mail to [email protected] and [email protected].

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