Launch Fur Free China campaign 2013-2014

It’s that time again! In the build up to Chinese New Year (which is the peak season for the sales of fur) in January 2014, we have started and will intensify our Fur Free China campaign to tackle the growing fur business.


In the weekend of 2 and 3 November we held a workshop for the most active studentgroups and animal welfare organisations in China, to explain our strategy and experiences on the outreach to potential consumers of fur. The number of participants was overwhelming, because there were thirteen universities and five animal protection organisations present who wanted to join our Fur Free China campaign, and make an effort in their own areas, to raise awareness about the fur industry. We are particularly happy with the participation of studentgroups, as it is mainly the younger generation that is buying the fur products!

Philosophy professor Jiang from Tianjin University discusses animal ethics with the attendees.  ACTAsia’s Shuo explains how to differentiate between real and fake fur. 

Press conference

On November 9th, we officially launched the Fur Free China campaign 2013-2014, with a press conference in Shenzhen. We had great interest from the national media. Apart from coverage on various online newssites, we even had television reporting (in Chinese).

The television reporting includes footage clips taken from the compelling movie trailer, CRY OF THE INNOCENT: The Voices That Can’t Speak, a Film by Kathleen Lowson, an independent documentary director from the USA.