Fur and fashion

Urging celebrities to reject fur as a fashion statement

Chinese New Year is the time when most fur products are bought and worn by celebrities for various events. We approached celebrities to ask them not wear fur and to make sure their wardrobe, fashion stylists and assistants were aware of the issue so that they would not provide fur clothes or costumes for the celebrities.

The most famous soprano of China, Mrs. Song Zu Ying, wore a full-length fur coat at the Beijing Pop Music Awards on January 20th. Many people left messages on her Twitter page saying that they were disappointed about her wearing fur, and why she shouldn’t use fur. ACTAsia, together with Green Beagle, also contacted her.

Pressured by the negative reactions, Mrs. Song Zu Ying did not wear fur to the Chinese Variety Show on the January 23rd, a programme which was viewed by 770 million Chinese in China and overseas.

Poster asking the public to spot celebrities wearing fur. Soprano Song Zu Ying in a full-length fur coat. The singer didn’t wear fur after protests.

Fashion icon actively supports NO Fur Campaign China

Pop singer and fashion icon Wang Fei Fei supports ACTAsia in the NO Fur campaign. She wrote us to express her sincere support: “Using fur is a routine, and wrong, consuming belief which is similar to the mistaken belief of many people that bear bile has a special medicinal function. I support a series of awareness campaigns to enable more people to think about the issue and make changes, so that more people can become a compassionate consumers.”

Wang Fei Fei made a series of photos urging the public to support fashion inspired by nature without using animal products.