Celebrities join ACTAsia to condemn cruelty of the fur industry

We held a star-studded media forum against fur in Beijing to reach national newspapers and magazines. Chinese celebrities and respected figures explained why they reject fur, and asked the public to do the same. The forum was hosted by the senior news editor of Beijing News and attended by famous guests from the fields of arts, fashion, sports, science and culture.

Designer Zhang Xin Ke
Gao Hai Yun & Cao Bao Yin
Film director Pan Jie
Actress/model Yu Yong Ling
Badminton player Gong Jie

Zhang Xin Ke, a professor at the China Academy of Fine Arts, and called ‘Golden Scissors of China’ in the fashion world, said: “I specialized in fashion, so I understand the fur production process, which causes a lot of cruelty to animals. This is not a good direction for fashion, as it causes the killing of innocent animals. A number of global fashion brands and designers now oppose the use of fur because of the suffering it causes to animals. I would like to ask people to join this campaign to stop the cruel fur industry, and I urge China’s fashion industry to be part of this trend. I also strongly call for an ‘Animal Protection Act’ to be established in China.”

Our animal ambassador (former miss Shenzhen) Gao Hai Yun attended and Cao Bao Yin, senior editor of Beijing News was the chairman of the media forum.

Chinese film director and actress Pan Jie also expressed her personal reasons why she doesn’t want to wear fur.

Famous actress and model Yu Yong Ling added: “I used to like to wear fur, but, when I learned about the fur production process and how animal skins were obtained, I realised that wearing fur was like wearing a lot of bloody animal carcasses. Women want to be beautiful, but we should not allow this desire for luxury to depend on the sacrifice of innocent lives.”

Gong Wei Jie, China’s top badminton player stated: “Consumers can easily buy fur products inadvertently, and they do not realise that animal fur production is related to brutal killing and injuries. Stars and celebrities should become models of a positive attitude by saying no to products which cause the slaughter of millions of animals every year. When we understand the facts of how fur is produced, we realise that even fur trim on a coat causes the loss of animal lives. Don’t buy fur products – refuse to be a reason for killing.”

Launch of Chinese NO Fur website

At the forum, we presented our new NO Fur China website, specially dedicated to this campaign.

There are sections with information for consumers and animal welfare groups, and blogs where the public can post comments or ask questions. Leaflets and other educational tools can be downloaded and various videos on the fur industry can be viewed. The site can be visited at http://nofurchina.actasia.org.